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Our Team

Kwai & Partners is launched by an array of senior lawyers with shared commitments, teamwork spirit, rich experience and sophisticated expertise. Kwai & Partners lawyers are legally well-educated in US, PRC or other countries and capable of providing legal services with multilingual skills. Some of our lawyers, who used to work with a few major international law firms, have built up a wealth of experience and resources that are necessary to tackle local and cross-border legal matters.

Kwai & Partners matches expertised lawyers to the clients’ diverse legal needs. Through the professionalized services of our senior legal specialists backed up by the firmwide teamwork, Kwai & Partners is committed to the constructive solutions that are well-tailored to the client’s demands.

Kwai & Partners lawyers are exceptional troubleshooters. They are focused on the in-depth understanding of the background information of every specific case and capable of working out a precise diagnosis to the client’s intricate legal issues. Kwai & Partners lawyers have presented their problem-solving skills in the cases they coped with. Such individualized solution-oriented methods make Kwai & Partners lawyers unique and bring the cases to success.