Kwai & Partners is a bay area-based boutique law firm which is distinguished by the excellence of professional services and the depth of unparallel teamwork. Kwai & Partners is dedicated to becoming a leading provider of highly efficient and effective law services.

The core philosophy of Kwai & Partners is to provide well-tailored, constructive, and innovative legal solutions to help clients to defend their rights and maximize their interests through the rigorous and practical work style.

Kwai & Partners possesses a batch of well-experienced law practitioners that are legal specialists in various legal fields. With strict and scientific management and a state-of-the-art office environment, Kwai & Partners lawyers have provided the clients with highly effective and professional services in the comprehensive industrial and commercial fields of corporate investments & securities transactions, mergers & acquisitions, wills, trusts, wealth management & dynastic succession, real estate & real properties management, minerals & international trade, intellectual property rights & IT, arts, museums & entertainment, tax, and immigration, etc. Kwai & Partners will constantly stay active in the forefront of the legal arena and continue supplying the value-added legal products to the public.